London born designer Kat Howley Graduated in 2017, whilst studying at Ravensbourne Howley learnt to develop her style embodying a fearless sense of femininity, combing a thoughtful presence of feminine playfulness to her quirky take on shape and textiles.

Her Graduate collection explored ideas of women dressing for themselves, dressing to be comfortable but to still feel dressed up and lavish. The collection ‘My favourite gown’ was based on Howley’s love for her dressing gown and the sense of comfort and freedom from wearing it. This juxtaposed with the ridiculousness and lavishness of historical costume to create for a disjointed femininity to flow through the collection, allowing for Howley’s sensitivity to colour and eclectic nature to shine through.

Interning at Christopher Kane, Howley understood the workings of a luxury brand from design through to production and PR. Working amongst the team at different levels; she developed her skills within pattern cutting and design as well as valuing the importance of working within a team. 

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